Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's officially offical

Our baby will officially be wearing this: Dustin was sort of in disbelief because he was quite "sure" it was a boy. If it's a boy, it's missing something very important. Let the pink shopping begin!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Advertures at Petsmart

So last night Dustin and I decide that the dogs need a new bed. Their's is getting a little wornout. We decide to head over to Petsmart. Scratch has been a little bored at home lately so we decided to take him with us. He loves to go to the store and smell everything and see the other dogs. Just as we enter the store, Dustin reminds me not to let him get too close to any merchandise. (he is a male dog and loves to mark everything outside!) For some reason I figured that because we were in a store he wouldn't do that. He doesn't do it in the house, just outside and on walks. (note to self: Scratch doesn't know the difference between Petsmart and a walk) Anyway, we're cruising down the aisle and Scratch is smelling a nice pink princess shirt, which he apparently liked and decided to claim as his own. Oh the horror. I pulled him away, but a little too late. Long story short, we have a new pink princess shirt at our house that I made him wear as punishment. I have got this parent thing down....You pee on it, you wear it.