Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nothing Much Here

I have never seen a little person more interested in trees. She loves them, and collects bark and leaves and pine needles and brings them home. It's the cutest thing. Well, I think that everything she does is the cutest thing.

I have been sitting on the same spot on my coach for about a month, or so. I missed March completely, was it nice? Somehow it got hot outside, sigh... Last year I swore I would not endure one more Phoenix summer, but here I am, double sigh. This has been what's going on in my head.....what am I going to do with my crazy toddler all summer long?...I can only stand to swim so much. Now I'm done being negative, I don't really like to be negative all that much. On to better things. Charlotte looks like a fairy princess in her swimsuit. I can't get enough of her cute chicken legs. While Dustin was at the Priesthood session this last Saturday night, my friend and I took Char to the splash pad, she loved it! She is a social butterfly with other kids, but doesn't care much for adults. (pictured above) . Well, I guess that's it for this month, stay tuned for more riveting news....or probably more of the same uninteresting tidbits.