Monday, June 20, 2011

A Tale of a Whale

I sort of feel like a whale today, and everyday lately. Here I am at 23 weeks and I have almost gained as much as I did in my entire pregnancy with Charlotte....seriously. All I can do is laugh. I asked Dustin tonight if he was into bigger women. He just smiled. I think he kind of likes me with a little junk in my trunk. Maybe this isn't so bad after all. I'll chalk it up to retaining water, even though I never retain water :) Life is fun. We had a yummy Father's Day dinner yesterday and Charlotte behaved herself for most of the day. What more can we ask for? We have been swimming a lot lately, because there isn't much else to do in this weather. Charlotte is part fish, or maybe part lobster. She turns red even in the shade. She can thank her daddy for that. I would leave you with a picture, but I don't have any. My parents came and stayed with us for several days and I didn't even get my camera out. I'm getting lazy about things like that.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Oh my goodness, how cute is this girl? My heart aches when I see pictures like this that make her look so old! Where did my little baby go? Grandma Judy just finished playing dress up with her, she even has a wand.