Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The People of Central Phoenix Walmart

You know you’re in a Phoenix Walmart, when you hear a little girl screaming no quiero, no quiero, NO QUIERO! Over and over again while anticipating her flu shot. You know you’re in a Phoenix Walmart when the line goes super slow because every single person pays in cash and coin because the majority of the population can’t open a bank account. You know you’re in a Phoenix Walmart, when you’re trying to read the magazines while waiting in line and you can’t find an English copy. I’m just saying…

Alright, I had a good laugh writing this, but this place is starting to grow on me. I kinda like my neighborhood, which is a drastic improvement from when I moved here.

Dustin is officially a published writer. He wrote an article for a Windows Administrators site, and the editor loved it and it appeared here. I’m sure everyone is dying to read it. My hubby is a smart man!

Monday, October 4, 2010 post.

(Crazy after bath hair, inherited from her father)

(destroying the kitchen)

Tonight is a post about Charlotte. I haven't posted about her much lately because I have been posting my random thoughts instead. It amuses me quite a bit to do so, but here is a baby post. But first, have any of you out there ever watched Keeping up Appearances? It is British humour (spelling on purpose) at its best. I used to watch it when I was young and I have recently rekindled my love of all things Hyacinth related. Also, I made really good pumpkin bread the other day and I will share the recipe, you can find it here. Okay, Baby Nut (as we like to call her) is getting big and adorable and feisty. She's the cutest fit thrower I have ever seen. Every time she doesn't get her way, watch out! Dustin says she gets that from me. I'm not sure, but I think that might be a Miller gene. Ha! Charlotte loves to climb the stairs, stand in the window and bang on it, and get in the water. Swimming pool, bath tub, sink, dog bowl, it doesn't really matter the source, if she finds the water she will play in it. She loves to clap and mimic us and she will be walking by the end of the month I'm sure. She's a brave little gal and loves to climb and get into dangerous situations. She is just so much fun and the older she gets the more I think I'll keep her around.