Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did you know Wednesday?

Did you know that when I did my first 5K I was passed by a little old man named Richard? Richard had been coming into the chiropractic office where I worked for many years. He is tiny, probably about 5'2 maybe 110 pounds soaking wet. I don't remember how old he was, but definately pushing 70. So there I was, just four months post baby and ready to start running again. A 5K was a good place to start for me, so my friend Judith and I signed up for one in Tempe. As I began running I felt really good. My pace was quick, my breathing was steady, my body felt good. Towards the end of the race my face was bright red, my lungs hurt and I felt like I was 50 years older then I actually was. All the sudden I see a little old man go barreling past me with the speed and agility of a cheetah. That made me feel really out of shape. I finished the race in a respectable amount of time and felt pretty good about it. However, I bet you didn't know that my face turns bright red when I workout. I mean beet glowing on fire red. I'm not sure why that happens. It makes me look like I'm about to pass out and die. Everyone kept asking if I was ok, and I was offered a lot of liquid and some shade to lay down in. I just accepted all the attention rather then explain that my face turns that color after all physical activity, even yoga. I probably have a new disease, let's call it Red Faced Sara disease. Anyhow, the next race I run, I will be smoking little old Richard.

We went to the zoo today, just Charlotte and I. I'm not sure how many animals she saw. When we went past the lions I looked down at her face to see if she could see them, and all I saw was her mouth. Her hat had fallen down over her eyes, but it didn't seem to bother her. She was busy eating her biscuit, no sight needed. (picture above)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Did you know Tuesday?

(Charlotte coming up the soon to be mentioned clean stairs)
My shirt was once light gray, but it is now a sticky wet dark gray that indicates heavy sweating and an awesome cardiovascular workout. What did I do you ask? Was I running, doing pushups, maybe some crazy cycling? Not exactly. I just accomplished a major feat though, I vacuumed the stairs. Hmmm....I wonder if everyone else sweats bullets when vacuuming their stairs. Or is it just me? I can't simply vacuum, I first have to load up Charlotte in her carrier. She never lets me vacuum without her strapped securely to me. I guess she likes the exhileration that comes with clean carpets. I also get to use my giant upright Hoover. I don't have the luxury of a nice, light canister vacuum, so I get to lug that bad boy down the stairs and then vacuum each stair one at a time with a 100 pound dirt sucking machine and a 20 pound child strapped to my chest. Are you starting to understand the sweat? Yeah, it's that kind of morning. Did you know that I have a big test tonight? I have all sorts of crazy facts swirling in and out of my brain, mostly out. Facts about things like anterior interventricular arteries feeding into the coronary sulcus that drains into the right atria which has a tricuspid valve. Are you lost yet? Me too. Lost in the jungle that is our amazing heart. They should teach anatomy and physiology at church. Someone that is a complete genius designed us, if you believe that how can you not believe in a higher power? Did you know that my daughter had a piece of raw garlic in her mouth this morning? It must have slipped off the cutting board when I was preparing dinner.....about a week ago! I could smell something coming from her mouth and then I saw her chewing. You would think that raw garlic wouldn't be something that a baby would like to chew on, but I guess I was wrong. She felt pretty strongly about me taking it out of her mouth. She now needs some Listerine.... or a mint.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Say Never

I have officially betrayed my generation. I grew up in the world of baggy pants. The bigger the better was our motto. JNCO's were to be admired and coveted. Super baggy fit was the order of the day. I remember being in ninth grade and going to Express to buy pants that were three sizes bigger then I was. This was cool. Then I left high school and assumed that the styles and trends of my day would stay the same forever. I assume that everyone does this and that's why many people still have giant wind proof bangs from the nineties, mullets from the eighties, Farrah Fawcetts iconic style of the seventies. This is what was cool when they left school, and somehow it just sticks. Well, I am proud to say that I still have sweaters from high school in my closet and earrings from junior high. They are gold peace signs. Ok, I probably won't be wearing those earring anytime in say the next ninety years, but you get the picture. Fast forward 9 years and here I sit in my skinny jeans. The jeans that I couldn't understand for so long. The jeans that I made fun of on countless individuals and vowed I would never wear. I have an confession to make to you Internet, I really like them. Every fiber of my being knows that what I am saying is sacrilege, but here I sit rockin the skinny jean and enjoying every second of it. Never say never.

On a lighter note, I'm teaching Relief Society this Sunday. Send good vibes my way...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did you know Thursday

(This picture is titled "Don't you dare take away my orange marker you mean mommy!")

Did you know Thursday will consist of a lot of factoids that aren't important and most people probably don't want to know. Read On! Did you know that I am possibly the most unexciting person alive? I got up this morning, unsure of what my day would become. Somehow I started going through my pantry. I started putting things in order, because no matter how many times I order my cooking supplies, "someone" un-orders them. Then I got excited. I love order. I love to put things into groups and put like items together. I'm sort of like a four year old in that way. I then went rhythmically thru the whole house and emptied each drawer and bookshelf and cubbie and put everything in order. How does junk accumulate so fast? I'm pretty sure that those same Keebler elves that sneak cookies into my pantry, also sneak clutter into my closets. Those trixy elves! Did you know that my sister just spent an entire week driving across the country? I am green with envy at where she has ended up. Washington! Did you know that I love Washington more then any other state in the union? If you can look past all the raging liberals and the entire eastern side of the state, you will find paradise. Did you know that when my sister and I were little she had a big bed in a big room in the basement? I however, had a little girls room upstairs with pink wallpaper and a white princessy daybed. I longed to be in the basement with the teenagers. I used to go downstairs and sit outside my sisters locked door and beg to sleep in her bed with her. On the rare occasion she let me in and took pity on me. I would lay in her big roomy bed and jabber on like a relentless jabberwocky. She would then remind me not to get to close because I was a human heat factory, and we would proceed to play Ward Directory. One of us would pick a family in our ward and the other would ask as many questions as it took to guess who the family was. Sort of like 20 questions, only the questions were endless. Did you know that my sister and I resurrected aforementioned Ward Directory game and played it on the phone for many hours while she drove across the country? I stumped her good a few times. Did you know that while I wrote this my baby was emptying the top half of the trash can that I just filled up? Don't worry, it wasn't the yucky trash can, just the one with papers.