Friday, May 28, 2010

My Little Swimmer

Dustin has a four day weekend starting today! I love when he's home with us during the day, it's so fun. First thing this morning we took Charlotte swimming. We had to go before it got too hot for her. I have been wanting to get her in the pool, but I didn't want to attempt it by myself. She really loved it. She kicked her foot and smiled, but when I dipped her in up to her shoulders she shrieked. I guess the water is a little chilly when you're used to a warm bath tub. So I got her out and daddy wrapped her up in the towel and she really loved that. She sat and watched me swim in the water and laughed. It was really sweet. Another week or two of this hundred degree weather and the pool should be nice and hot.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Primer corte de pelo de Charlotte

For all you non Spanish speakers, this post is about Charlotte's first haircut. I bet you didn't know that I am practically bilingual. I just finished my first week of Spanish 101 and I must say I'm a natural. My professor and Dustin may not agree, but I'll say it anyways. We went to Jaime's last night to get Dustin's haircut. It was long overdue. Charlotte got to be part of the action too. Jaime cut off her little baby mullet. It was pretty cute. Charlotte wouldn't hold still and she really wanted to eat the cape she was wearing. She has nothing left of her dark brown hair. It was turned to a very very light brown.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy Month

Yay! Finals are over for Dustin and I, and we have a break for two whole weeks until Summer block begins. I guess we have been busy finishing classes and Charlotte is becoming a handful! She is on the move now. She doesn't crawl, but somehow she gets around the room and into things. She has also developed this crazy love for being on her stomach. I can't keep her on her back for more then two or three seconds. I just love watching my little girl grow up. I love watching her experience things for the first time and making discoveries that delight her. She LOVES to eat. She got that from both her parents I suppose. She will readily gobble up anything I put in her mouth. I think we're all a little sad that Winter is over, and we're gearing up for a long hot Summer indoors. Only two more months until our Utah trip! I love having something to look forward too. Here are some recent shots of my babe. Enjoy!