Thursday, June 6, 2013

Winter/Spring 2013

Today is a day for my favorite pictures over the last few months.

Daddy and his little princess. (Literally, she has him wrapped around her finger!)
 This is how Char plays with her sticker book. She also stickers Ben.
 Someone was a little impatient, and couldn't wait to get his clothes off for bath time.
 Char has lots of neighborhood friends, but Ethan and Lacey are her favorites. She plays with them everyday.
 Mommy's little man.
 Char loves to help me cook. This was Dustin's birthday and we were making him a Texas sheetcake, his favorite. Charlotte likes to add secret ingredients when I'm not looking. :)
 Daddy helping Ben play the drums.
 Where's Waldo? Charlottes favorite activity is piling up all her soft toys and blankets at the foot of my bed and jumping off.
 Chocolate face loves the fire.
 We we're all so sick in this picture. Ben is extra cuddly, I love it.
 Ben's first taste of fry sauce, mmmm.

 Spoiled by Grandma Binnall.
 First lick of the beaters. It won't be his last.
 The neighborhood snake.
 Char on a two wheeler at Grandma and Papa's
 and last, but not least, Ben learned how to ride the rocking horse today. He is cowboy at heart.
That wraps up my picture montage. Now we're heading to Grandma's for some fresh strawberry pie. The weather is just perfect right now. I laid out on my hammock for a few hours this afternoon and enjoyed the breeze. We're starting the countdown for this little man to make his debut. Three more weeks, or hopefully less.

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Jamie Dicristofano said...

sara! how did i not know you had a blog? i wish you would update more often! ;) love seeing these cute pics of ben and char when they were little!! i miss those little ones so much!! hope all is well!!