Friday, June 8, 2012

Early June 2012

Char has been having a fun summer with friends. This is Lacey, Katie and Char.

 Here is Char, Lacey and Kylie on  hike up Payson Canyon, it was so pretty!
 Here are my super sweet friends Amy and Becca. Our kids love to play and we like to play too.
 Self portrait of Mommy and Ben.
 All the kiddos on the log bridge.
We've been missing Grandma and Grandpa Gale. They are still in Washington taking care of Amanda's kiddos. They might be there a while. Jim and Cyndi will be here today..Wahoo. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Speech Mama said...

Sara-looks like a lot of fun! Char looks happy with her new friends.
Happy Father's Day to Dustin. I have some great memories of Father's Day weekend in Utah Co.
Hugs to Char and Ben!